Keep your eyes protected cruisin' down the road or at your favorite range.


1. Frame is made from High Quality Polycarbonate, durable, wearable and flexible.

2. UV400 Protective Lenses. 4 different color tints / interchangeable: 

  • Grey - Polarized (optional) Anti UV400, Provides true color definition. Ideal for everyday, all purpose wear.
  • Brown -  Anti UVA/UVB. Increased contrast. Ideal for strong sunlight condition, cycling/ daytime driving and playing golf.
  • Transparent - Anti Glare / with special multi-layer coating.
  • Yellow - Night Vision / Ideal for low light condition. Great shooting lens. 

3. Weight: 44g (Frame with lens)


Please allow 2 TO 4 WEEKS for delivery as we have strategically partnered with international suppliers and manufacturers to meet and supply the high demand for our products.