What Biker Jewelry Says About You

by Beverly Hernandez
What Biker Jewelry Says About You

Why Biker Jewelry?

Biker jewelry is about being part of a community as well as living a particular lifestyle. What you wear says something about who you are and where you belong. It also testifies to your sense of style, the things you value, and the impression that you want to make. Biker jewelry is one key way of communicating.

Biker Bracelets

Stainless Steel Bracelets: The Silver Cross

Along with the skull, the cross is one of the oldest symbols in motorcycling culture. For bikers, the cross is not just a symbol of religion. It's a symbol of valor and courage. It has been carried by men into battle for thousands of years, and bikers proudly wear stainless steel bracelets adorned with the cross as a testament to the virtues they aspire to.

Natural Stone Hematite

This gorgeous natural stone has been a symbol of joy among people of many cultures. It was once worn as a talisman by ancient warriors and is believed to restore vitality and drive away negativity. Whether you wear it, believing in the power of these attributes, or simply as a way of affirming a culture that values the joy of a life well-lived, this natural stone hematite bracelet is an excellent choice.

Zodiac Bracelet

Choosing a leather zodiac bracelet with your sign is a way of connecting to something larger than yourself while expressing your own individuality. Whatever your sign, wear it proudly and embrace its promise for your future.

Biker Necklaces


Some biker necklaces are all about tradition. Consider the ultimate stainless steel necklace: a vintage chain. This simple ornament works by itself or paired with something else, and its simplicity is part of what makes it a classic. It's about strength, endurance, fearlessness, and community, all symbolized by a few links connected in a simple, quality stainless steel necklace.


Choosing natural materials like obsidian can be done simply for the beauty of it or for the symbolism and meaning of the material itself. This volcanic glass has long been thought to have healing powers, and many wear it has a buffer against negativity. Try one adorned with a wolf, or for even more symbolism, consider a Buddhist Taiji BaGua necklace. Both are a tribute to the reality of what exists beyond us and our short moments in this world.

Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra is one of the oldest symbols humans have to signify their connection to the earth. As bikers, we value that connection. This symbol has always signified the creation of the universe, and the triangles within this pendant are meant to symbolize the human body within the totality of all that is made. Use it to focus your thoughts as you consider the physical and spiritual together, or simply wear it as a reminder that you are part of something far more vast than this earth.

Biker Rings

Stainless Steel Rings

Rings can be a bit more subtle than a necklace or stainless steel bracelets, and yet they still convey that sense of strength and durability. Stainless steel rings perfectly capture the zeitgeist of biker culture. They are noticeable, but not gaudy. They are strong and enduring, but not out of reach.

Skull Rings

The skull has long been a symbol associated with the biker culture, and while outsiders have feared it, thinking it signals a love of death, nothing could be further from the truth. This is one of the oldest symbols in motorcycling because it speaks of our immortality and our equality, and an acknowledgment of our fate. This symbol is a way to draw to us the people we admire while keeping others at a distance.

Try the smoking skull ring for a fierce acknowledgment that fate awaits us all—but you intend to live life to the fullest every day till then. For something more subtle, the tough steel skull stainless steel ring with a riff on Voltaire's philosophical quote truly sums up everything biker culture holds dear:

To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the truth.

What Does Your Biker Jewelry Say?

What you wear is as crucial as what you ride. Visit Red Rocket Brand today and find something that communicates what you hope to say.
by Beverly Hernandez


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