The Origin of the Biker Ring

by Ram Hernandez
The Origin of the Biker Ring

Setting the Stage:

  • After the Mexican Revolution ended around 1920, the Peso devalued. It became worthless. In order to stimulate the economy, Mexican artisans/blacksmiths began making jewelry from melted Peso coins! 
  • In those days (30s and 40s) Bikers had a pretty bad rep, much of it based on fact. They fought quite a bit. In those days a biker's weapon of choice was the brass knuckle, which were illegal in most states.  

The Birth:

  • As bikers ventured acrossd the border, they came upon these big, bad Mexican skull rings. 
  • Wearing 3 or 4 of these big rings on their fist would made for a formidable weapon. 
  • Brass knuckles were illegal / Jewelry was not....
  • And this is how the Biker Ring became a thing! 

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by Ram Hernandez


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