But is it really steel?

by Ram Hernandez
But is it really steel?

How We Test Our Rings

Last year one of our steel rings became quite popular and our main supplier was running low on inventory. I had the unfortunate experience of using an overflow supplier to pick up the slack. They assured me the quality was bar none and the rings were made of stainless steel. 

Being naive and trustful at the time, I believed them. Bad call!  

Their rings started turning color! Yellow, copper, green! We caught it in time and the few customers affected were sent replacement rings. I was pissed! I didn't want my rings to be compared to those cheap $2 knockoffs you see advertised every now and then. 

The scary part of this ordeal was that I had 3 local jewelers analyze those questionable rings and they couldn't tell that it wasn't steel! What the hey?! I then figured these jewelry stores are mainly qualified when it comes to gold and silver. Steel wasn't really their forte. 

I scoured the internet as to what constitutes stainless steel and how to validate if a ring is truly made out of steel. 

I came up with what are now my two "go-to" tests:

  1. Steel rings, in most cases (but not all), are slightly magnetized. Meaning... get a strong magnet and you should see some pull.
  2. Slice into steel with a dremel and you'll see yellow or gold sparks. Simple. It works! 

See for yourself. Testing our new Crossbones Skull Ring...

Quality Control

Now when I try out a new supplier, I test their goods. This is not to say a "screw up" won't happen again. I mean... we do live in an imperfect world. It is how one deals with imperfection that sets one apart. Which is why if there's ever any issue with your order, if we messed up in any way, just contact us for the opportunity to make it right! 

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by Ram Hernandez


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