6 Ways to Prepare for Winter Riding

by Ram Hernandez
6 Ways to Prepare for Winter Riding

6 Ways to Prepare for Winter Riding

1. Take Care of the Core: Leather Jackets and Vests

Leather jackets are always a must, and a winter jacket should have all the key safety features you need. Don't just go with any leather jacket. Choose one with wind blocking features, insulating layers, and body armor reinforcement in the elbows, shoulder, and back. Adding a leather vest will give you that extra bit of protection for your core. 


2. Take Care of the Extremities: Gloves and Boots

Boots and gloves are key. If your extremities aren't warm, you're never going to enjoy your ride. Worse, if you let your hands get too cold, you won't be able to manipulate your bike safely. Choose warm boots that aren't too tight, so you can fit layers of socks inside and possibly heating pads if you're taking a long trip.

For gloves, the key is finding something waterproof that will protect you from the cold and still allow you excellent dexterity on the bike. Make sure you get the size that fits you just right—too small, and your fingers will get cold. Too large, and you'll be fumbling around with controls. That's a look no one wants.


3. Take Care of Your Face

Nothing is colder than the wind against your face, and it's that wind that keeps us from riding as much as we'd like in the winter. If you're sick and tired of the wind getting through your jacket and scarf, get a fleece mask that will tuck down into your coat and over your face to keep you warm and dry.


4. Take Care of Your Eyes

You know to protect your head, but protecting your eyes is just as important. When you have great eyewear, you won't be tempted to make a sudden, potentially dangerous move in order to protect your eyes. Great eyewear will be fully adjustable and offer frames with high rigidity and good chemical resistance. Look for lenses that protect you from ultraviolet light and are scratch-resistant. It's even better if you can choose a lens color that matches your riding preferences.


5. Take Care of Your Spiritual Side

We're a tough breed, but we also know there's more out there than meets the eye. Gremlin Bells have been a favorite for bikers for generations. Whether you want protection from the spirits thought to haunt the open road or just love the camaraderie in this long-standing biker tradition, your winter riding gear isn't finished without them.


6. Take Care of Your Gear

When it's cold, you especially appreciate easy access to your gear. It's even better when that access is riding tucked up against you. If you haven't tried a bikers' leg bag yet, winter is a great time to find out how convenient they can be.


What's Your Passion?

Whatever your passion, we've got you covered. Check out Red Rocket Brand today and be true to yourself. Show the world what's inside as you saddle up for the winter and beyond.

by Ram Hernandez


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